Life Force Energy Can be Transmitted

The Plates are loaded with Life Force Energy and transmits the same to the users-  human, animals, Birds and Bees and plants or whatever that comes in contact except Metals.

 Lot of birds/bees die due to dehydration,  injuries and getting HIT by overhead Live Electric Cables.

The vets explain that such birds/bees hardly survive, even if timely medicines are provided These Life Force Energy  Transmitting Plates  help revive the DYING birds/bees and they fly off within   SECONDS. They are unconscious  and seems like dead and don’t even respond to Water. You only have to keep the injured bird on the Purple

If while reviving you get Stung by them, just place the plate on the stung point for 10 minutes.The pain goes  away within  one  minute

In fact the entire farm can be Energised with this technology resulting in increased production, accelerated GROWTH and  Profits.

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