Gifts which Ease the Pains Pran Yantra/ Tesla Purple Energy Plates

Gifts starting just $5.00


Give a Gift of  PAIN RELIEF to someone Near and Dear with Migraine,Fibromyalgia,Back Pain,etc


Effective in Insomnia and Epilepsy also and is the only natural tool which guard against Electro magnetic Radiation from cell phones, laptops, etc


The most affordable and easy to use, Linda Goodman Purple Energy Healing Plates are Trans-receivers of Life Force Energy and are designed for life long use on humans, animals and plants


Simply place the plate on the painful part for about 20 minutes and let colors and vibrations do the job naturally.
PayPal $20.00 to – and get 3 Credit Card Size Purple Energy Plates within 8 days

We are also in fb for testimonials. Please visit Tesla Purple Plates and Experience_tesla purple energy plates-India.

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